Thursday, February 23, 2012

milan fashion week, byblos, my diary
Milan Fashion Week has finally started.
My crazy working days are staring today with models casting for Byblos A/W 2012-2013. But you have already imagined that.
During this fashion week with me there will be Anjeza, of course, Giulia (last MFW competition winner), Lulu, Angie and the competition winner...Roberta!
As I've already told you, Fashion Week days are the most adrenalinic days all year long.

MFW has a big and useful power: it brings you on another world. Whatever you personal mood is, you have to be very focused and concentrated on your work. You have to be smart and fast. So, for fashion week you need to keep you own problems, blue moments or tiredness out of your mind while you are working.
Even if this is generally true, during these days this is essential.
At the same time, if you feel lucky or you are happy (and this is great!) you have to focus your own optimism and joy on the work. Because it really needs all yourself.
Serious but inspirated.
Is it easy? not at all. But it's fashion, baby!
it's a glamourous, glittering and sparkling week so we have to do our best, at least.
So, no matter what happens around you for a few days you'll live on this fashion bubble.
milan fashion week, byblos
milan fashion week, byblos
milan fashion week, byblos

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