FRANCESCA // How Do I Look Like?

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Think about black lace, see through silk and soft leather.
Try to mix all those fabrics into feminine dresses, pure line blazers and masculine shirts.
Imagine an almost all black wardrobe, with white flashes, nude colours mixed with pre-raphaelites prints.
Welcome to my wardrobe, an imaginary place where Tom Ford is drinking a cup of tea with Riccardo Tisci.

As a fashion stylist you may think that I wake up at least one hour in advance than other people to get dressed, find the right outfit and refine my image. You couldn’t be more wrong.
The visual making of me has started years ago, has developed with me, changed as my ideas have done and just then has ended on my hangers or into my drawers. Affected but not made by trends, this is a constant work inside and outside me, looking for the right picture to add on my virtual moodboard and the new image to fall in love with. Turning points are frequent but they grow up slowly, replacing older silhouettes that are not so updated anymore. It just happen, sometimes in relation with a fashion collection that seems inspiring to me, others after watching a film. It’s like a spring wind that sweep away dusty things that probably has been there for too long.
As a reflection of an evolving world, a concept or maybe a stream of consciousness, clothes change space and places, are squeezed or opened in order to gain a new life. And every day, picked up from the rank, they help me to show myself to the world, without a difficult algorithm behind, but simply matching together as they are already perfect for each others.
They come from my imagination directly into my life. Giving me the opportunity to look like I am or I think I may be. 
It’s like going out holding yourself hand.
Or Tom Ford’s hand when you are in a velvet period. Like next winter seems will be.

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