FASHION // I'm going to meet Stefano Pilati

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sometimes dreams come true. I have a long "things to do" list and a shorter "designers I want to meet" list.
Stefano Pilati is in this list and I meet him this friday afternoon.
I'm very excited.
Stefano will speak at "Art for Business Forum", in Milan, about imagination.



And guess what? This forum is organized by a former professor of mine. So, when I've received her mail with the program I booked myself, with no cancellation option!

If you are thinking about "Why?", you have to remember that now Stefano is back to Milan: he is Head of design at Ermenegildo Zegna and at Agnona.

Friday, from 2 pm (Italian time), I'll keep you posted, so follow me on:

P.S. Do you remember my post about Zegna's incredible building in Milan?

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