FASHION // Why John Galliano has to be Schiaparelli's creative director

Monday, December 03, 2012

Photobucket The first time I had the opportunity to know more about Elsa Schiaparelli was around 8 years ago, when I was in Paris with my mum. I'm this kind of cultural tourist, so we visited many museums. At Musée des Arts Decoratifs there was a retrospective about Schiaparelli.

I clearly remember my mum who Said me: "Look at that, your beloved Galliano has taken inspiration from Schiaparelli".
She was referring to Galliano's iconic gazette print. Already done by Elsa Schiaparelli.

Today Schiaparelli is a hot topic in fashion. So, I give you my personal 5 reasons about why John Galliano can be the perfect creative director for Schiaparelli.

  1. Many fashion people want Galliano back. From Franca Sozzani to Manoli Blanhick, they all want his coming back into fashion. I can't see a better occasion than this.

  2. Galliano is doing anything right now (I suppose) and in this kind of "took the most famous designer as you can" contemporary fashion war, his name is one of the hottest names without a "placement".

  3. He is a crazy/creative/visionaire man, we all know that. Schiaparelli used to work with artist as Salvador Dalì. Do you think that I really have to explain more this point?

  4. Galliano paid what he has done (that was awful) so he is "clean".

  5. Imagine Galliano as the host of Schiaparelli's home/aterier in Place Vendome 21, Paris.
  6. Photobucket

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