FASHION // Read This Today: Tom Ford Interview on Vogue Australia

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tom Ford Vogue Australia October 2013 photo 20130925160738244-1.jpg It's not a big news that I'm part of the Tom Ford FansClub, and this blog proves the fact that if I come across a TF interview, I'll share it here quite instantly.

I know it's a tuff work. But I also know you love it.

Anyway, in this Tom For interview, published in the October 2013 issue of Vogue Australia, you can learn that TF Headquarter in London is just next to Grosvenor Square.
Ok, this isn't a big news (You have just to google it) but I always love interviews with the journalist describing the mood, the attitude, the place...
If you like Tom Ford or just to read nice interviews...have a look at this.
 photo e7ad03d2-19a1-47c6-adfe-5e9a15f187f5.jpg  photo 5af75c03-bc19-47bf-9bda-9db098db240a.jpg Tom Ford Vogue Australia October 2013 photo TomFordinterviewAustralia_Page_1-1.jpg  photo 8b5ec395-206c-4da9-ae34-c1fac2817cec.jpg

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