FRANCESCA // In the Mood For Love (Or Coming Back To Work)

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

 photo 35018_00050_010.jpg

Even if I believe my job is the best in the world, coming back to work after a long Holidays Season looks like a greek tragedy.

I've pulled together a few images from my archive, hope this will help you to have a good (re)start.

 photo 95804_00010_103_c.jpg

Elle Russia - March 2014 photo 800x1049xangela-lindvall-photo-shoot7jpgpagespeedic_1YGelhuJDx.jpg

dark blooms by ryan mcginley - Vogue Uk - September 2012 - lara Stone photo dark-blooms-by-ryan-mcginley-021.jpg

Elisabeth Erm for Dior Magazine photo Elisabeth-Erm_Dior-Magazine_05.jpg

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